A Happy Day

Spirit Dubrovnik

During the childhood days, before the mundane experience and knowledge, flooded my life, there existed time engulfed by tides of eternal truth. As a child sat on the shores of a new life, generations of ancestors helped plant the sweet unrest and zest for life in my heart . Storming through life, wherever I would lose strength and feel insecure. I would search for the child within and shed and light anew on my path, finding love and fulfillment of my everlasting desire. My whole life, up to this point and hereafter, has consisted of cherishing the truth related to me by these close to my heart, and passing bit on to the dear ones.


The story of my truth can be told in many different ways, only one of them is this story about unrest.


The shores, cradle of numerous ancient civilizations, nurtured the spirit of our homeland, harbored the sea that challenged us infused our air with scent of unknown, and brought on the feeling of unrest that empowered to embark on our life paths. Life tested us and wasted us. At times, we had to retreat back to our originals, to heal before the new tempest. In the end we had to face our own truth and let the others continue the search.