Slide Mario studied industrial design in former Yugoslavia and art photography at the FPS (Famous Photography School), the renowned school of photography in Germany. He has spent 30 years developing his career in the fields of photography, film making, advertising, television, marketing and PR. Mario defines his life’s journey through his three great passions – his passion for fine art photography and film making, his passion for sea travel as captain and scientist, and his passion for observing and honouring the differences amongst peoples.

Since 1990, Mario’s work and passion have led him to become involved in numerous ethno-anthropological scientific and research projects. Since then he has traveled and has lived in numerous regions of the world. In the last ten years, Mario has founded Oassis – a group of like-minded individuals, involved in ecological restoration and committed to conservation.

They are dedicated to the promotion and realization of sustainable development programmes, for the purposes of protecting the planet’s ecosystems and repairing ecological damage throughout the world.

He lives mostly on the Swahili coast of eastern Africa and spends his time, energy and resources on humanitarian projects worldwide, helping those less fortunate then himself, whose sheer survival often depends on the very little that Mario has to offer.
Mario Leone Bralic
Born on 1st July, 1955, in Zemun, in the former Yugoslavia.
On his father’s side, Mario’s origins stem from the the Venetian-Mediterranean parts of Europe. While on his mother’s side, the family has roots in the Austro-Czech-Germanic regions.